Custom Actuator

BORE SIZES FROM 3/4 TO 4″. UP TO 5000 PSI Hydraulic or Pneumatic types

CAP “Smart” cylinders are ideal for situations where space constraints would otherwise limit design flexibility. Because of their small size, our cylinders fit nearly anywhere, allowing unlimited potential for their application. The big difference in the CAP cylinder is our innovative use of mini linear resistance transducers (MLRTs) and linear resistance transducers (LRTs). These linear feedback devices do not control the rod position. They sense the position of the cylinder and send an analog output of its position through a miniature resistance element to the associated electronics. These compact transducers enable us to build the smallest position feedback cylinders available today.

Our cylinders feature:

  • 0.0 01″ repeatability, depending on your system’selectronic package.
  • 500 million inches of travel life
  • Pressures up to 5000 psi
  • Temperature range to 185° F

We offer three basic types of control devices: a simple two-position controller which can sense the beginning and end of the stroke or any position in-between, a closed-loop signal tracking controller with a PID control loop, and a scaled analog output device to give a ratiometric output to a host controller. CAP is a leader in manufacturing small bore, high-pressure cylinders using the latest technologiesto better serve companies like yours.