Metric Hydraulic Compression Fittings (VOSS)

Williams Fluidair is a leading supplier of DIN 2353 metric hydraulic tube fittings in Canada.

Our product range includes metric tube sizes from 4mm to 42mm OD; with pressure capacities of up to 630 bar; in steel and 316 stainless steel.

As the exclusive distributor of VOSS in Canada, our customers have access to the innovative VOSS ES-4 Cutting Ring Coupling, a high performance, reliable soft-sealing ring for VOSS standard pre-assembly devices. The ES-4 provides maximum safety against leaks from sudden pressure increases or vibrations. The foundation of the ES-4 cutting ring is the VOSS 2S cutting ring, fitted with additional precision soft sealing elements of FPM/FKM (e.g. Viton ®, registered trademark of DuPont) between the cutting ring and the connecting piece, creating a labyrinth sealing effect between the cutting ring and the tube. In addition, the ES-4 has gap-free chambering of the soft seal to ensure against leaks and maximize the elastomer lifespan. In addition, guided assembly to the tightening limit eliminates over or under-tightening.